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Thinking about LOVE. To really deeply Love, you must love deep within your heart, body and soul. It needs to reflect in your thoughts, in your actions, it should consume you. 

Think about a new relationship, you are captivated, really you are crazy in love, every second of every day. 

Be such a lover that this type of love is who you are, a lovers love, a friends love, a strangers love. 

Being ugly is so easy, lets start a movement! The world needs more love, kindness, compassion. 

Love should never end! It should grow and grow.

Take a vow to not allow this world to harden our hearts, turn a blind eye to hurt. 

The greatest of all is Love. 




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Do you love me? 

Her mind searches for an answer.  

Or am I a figment of your imagination? 

Love this ❤️

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So true ❤️

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Blood is thicker then water, but 

Love is thicker than blood! 


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